The way you live will be the way we innovate


You are the star of your own life.
And as you journey to refine
your personality, your lifestyle and your choices
so that you can shine brightly,
we at Hitachi will strive to
add premium quality to your life.


For the way you enjoy,
we bring fresh ideas to the table.
On how your food can be preserved,
with freshness and nutrients retained.


For the way you smile,
we’re loaded with comfy features.
So you’ll always be dressed with clean,
and freshly-washed clothes spun
out of advanced technology.


For the way you feel,
we provide a life of pure satisfaction.
By enhancing your living spaces
and keeping them spotlessly-clean,
you breathe easier.

Create New Value

From the dawn of Hitachi, and throughout our passage to the new, millennium,
we have tackled and overcome problems worldwide with unsurpassed original technologies and expertise.

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