Create New Value

From the dawn of Hitachi,
and throughout
our passage to the new, millennium,
we have tackled and overcome problems worldwide
with unsurpassed original technologies and expertise.

Our mission is to create solutions that bring happiness to life.
To the day-to-day issues people face, we respond with surprising innovations.
With smart products and services centered on improving everyday life, and advanced technologies that seamlessly connect people, we invent new ways to experience happiness for people around the world.


Hitachi is a name synonymous with quality and reliability.
With an unmatched passion for cutting-edge innovation and perfection tailored to suit your lifestyle, we have always inspired confidence through the creation of human-centric products.
Through the stringent quality control from development to production stage, we deliver outstanding quality products for your peace of mind.
We also strive to achieve a more sustainable society through the development and manufacture of environmentally-conscious energy-saving products.
Safety takes precedence – that is our promise to you, as we deliver safe and reliable products and services.


We transform design that innovates and add values to your everyday life.
Constantly striving to achieve the epitome of unsurpassed design for your future.
Our products are design-forward based on our philosophy of beauty meets practicability.
We believe in Simplicity and Quality, and shines when luxuriate in.
Curated to bring you happiness and enriching your quality of life.

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